Naismiths Post-Budget Analysis

Naismiths Budget Analysis

Naismiths has been popping up in the press, post-budget, to share analysis on yesterday’s announcements.

Our Managing Director, Blane Perrotton, has been summarising his perspective;

“The Chancellor presented a multi-faceted strategy for tackling the housing crisis, but you do wonder whether simple would have been more effective. When it comes to housebuilding, the more measures, guarantees and capital funding initiatives there are, the harder it can be to track progress and see concrete results. The 100% council tax premium on empty properties may not amount to much financially but it represents a tougher stance by the Government that should be applauded. The Chancellor’s call for an urgent review into land banking will also cause some in the development sector to sit up. The tide may be turning against them.

If this Government is genuinely going to make a difference to the level of house building, the gloves need to come off, and you sense they are.”

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